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HCOC 2016 Annual Holiday Fiesta!                 


Member Spotlight: Alexander Valley Film Society (AVFS)

The Alexander Valley Film Society (AVFS) strengthens our community by captivating and engaging audiences, cultivating new fans of film, and celebrating our collective humanity through year-round educational and cultural enrichment programs and the annual Alexander Valley Film Festival. Launched in the fall of 2014, the Film Society connects students to the world of film and video, connects artists with an opportunity to share their work, and connects our communities to one another through the transformative power of film

Next up with AVFS: Screenings of It’s A Wonderful Life On Monday, 12/19 at 7PM @ The Clover Theater.

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Business Workshops

Small Business Workshops in English & Spanish
Small BusinessThe Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in partnership with the Sonoma Economic Development Board (EDB) and the Napa-Sonoma Small Business Development Center (SBDC) is pleased to announce a series of small business workshops in both English & Spanish for 2016! Workshops range from creating a business plan, finance to marketing and communications.  Visit Business Workshops for more information.

01/18/17 – Build A Better Business/Start Up Orientation
01/25/17 = Create a Marketing Plan You Will Actually Use!
02/02/17 – NxLevel Entrepreneurial Program Orientation


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The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Sonoma County is an organization comprised of local business owners, potential business owners, organizations, professionals, and community members. As a valued member, we have many benefits that you will acquire by joining our Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Sonoma County family!


  • Networking Opportunities every 3rd Thursday with the Hispanic Chamber and every 1st Thursday with the Hispanic Chamber Young Professionals Network.
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  • Sponsorship Opportunities at Special Events such as the Scholarship Gala, Golf Tournament, Business Expo, and Holiday Member Appreciation!
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  • Hosting Business Networking Event (Mixer) and receive time to discuss your business.
  • Get Directly Involved  by serving on a Committee or with the Board of Directors.
  • Strategic Alliances with other local businesses and the community.
  • Access to Regional, State, and National Hispanic Chamber of Commerce resources and information.

HCOC is YOUR advocate to local, regional, state, and national regulatory bodies who govern conditions for doing business. We are continuously seeking other ways we can serve our membership!

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Business Tip Of The Month:

3 Proven Ways Anyone Can Become A Better Leader

1. Always be transparent – about everything. 

Transparency from leadership is critical to building a culture of trust. Share everything, Sharing information such as strategy, new initiatives and financial performance can help your employees feel as though they’re truly a part of your team and that they’re trusted. The less “in the dark” employees feel, generally the happier and more engaged they will be.

2. Address conflicts immediately. 

Don’t avoid problems or confrontations, conflicts don’t age well. Deal with issues sooner rather than later as they don’t resolve themselves. They get worse.

Leaders should encourage open communication among employees at all times. No one should feel uncomfortable or unable to speak his or her mind at a meeting. If your employees don’t speak up and contribute, then what’s the sense in having a meeting in the first place?

3. Experience your business firsthand. 

As a business grows, leaders can become disconnected from the nuts and bolts that drive the organization. Connecting with employees at all levels of your organization often to see exactly what they do and welcome their feedback.

You don’t sit in your office by yourself and somehow you make big decisions because you read something carefully, talk to your people. … Ask them what you can do better.